J Norton Interactive Design

Justin Norton is an expert WordPress, Drupal and Magento Web Developer with a focus on SEO and UX Design serving clients in Europe and North America. His work encompasses many technologies and he strives to create engaging experiences which drives customer loyalty.
Drupal version: 
Modules used: 
Block (block),CKEditor Link (ckeditor_link),Contextual links (contextual),Custom content panes (ctools_custom_content),Customisations (jn_customisations),Date (date),Date Popup (date_popup),Entity cache (entitycache),Entity tokens (entity_token),Entity view modes (entity_view_mode),Extended Path Aliases (path_alias_xt),Field HTML trim (field_html_trim),Field UI (field_ui),Find Content (find_content),Global Redirect (globalredirect),Google Analytics (googleanalytics),Image style flush (imagestyleflush),Imagecache Token (imagecache_token),jQuery Update (jquery_update),Media CKEditor (media_ckeditor),Media Field (mediafield),Menu Block (menu_block),Metatag: Views (metatag_views),Mollom (mollom),Number (number),Page manager (page_manager),Panel nodes (panels_node),Pathauto (pathauto),Redirect (redirect),Transliteration (transliteration),Views content panes (views_content),Views UI (views_ui)
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