ForCom | Speech and Debate Forensics Community

The design of this social networking website is beautiful and matches the excitement of forensics performance arts. It's fun, creative and easy to navigate. People will hardly recognize that Drupal powers the back-end as this theme is entirely custom-designed. This feature set is highly specialized in terms of the functional requirements. But with each new feature, we never sacrificed design or usability. A ton of user-generated content exists on this site; but the display is such that each page is laid out in a highly polished and clean format. The navigation and user-interface are very intuitive. The discussion forum pages are designed well and user-friendly. We even custom-designed additional key pages that are often overlooked like the registration and login pages to make them as user-friendly as possible.
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List of primary modules used: Administration Menu, Content Management Filter, CCK, Chaos Tool Suite, Content Profile, Date, Devel, Image API, Organic Groups, Advanced Forum, Rules, Services, Google Analytics, Ubercart, XML Sitemap, Views, Userpoints
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